pen┬Ěsive. adjective - dreamily or wistfully thoughtful; she is pensive at mealtime.

Francesca is a freelance creative consultant and aspiring social entrepreneur. A graduate of Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business, she brings eight years of experience in the hospitality, design and non-profit sectors. The focus of her work includes content development across multiple mediums, strategic communications and social media strategy.  Her creative eye also lends itself to aiding in event production, styling photos shoots and supporting clients in crafting attention grabbing content and experiences. Words are her bread and butter.

She is happiest in the kitchen making, shooting, and styling food. While she endeavors to live presently, Francesca is forever contemplating her next project, and next meal. A hunger for inspiration rivals her love of chocolate chip pancakes. She lives with her husband and three lady cats in the house where her dad grew up.

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