Cookies in the Kitchen

What do you do when there are cookies in the kitchen? Well I know what I used to do. I would pour a nice tall glass of milk and grab four or five cookies. Get to dunking them and licking my fingers clean, crumbs in my lap and some chocolate around the corners of my mouth. My puppy Maggie Moo loves when there is anything on our faces, especially something sweet. But I cannot have four or five, can I? I'm not sure I should even have one. They are freshly baked and God knows how many calories they have. I imagine the number must be rather large...

So I walk inside from a long commmute, with a bit of a hunger headache starting to manifest. My nana went food shopping and bought me some fresh spinach, mixed baby greens, dried cranberries, sweet corn, and cucumbers for a nice salad. I love that combination for some reason. I anticipate a lovely salad as I open the door, and what do I see, or smell rather? Warm Toll House chocolate chip cookies. On the cooling rack for all to see. Obviously I had one...I had to. My will power was formidable at one point but it just broke down; so I had one and I felt bad but it was wonderful. Food-gasmic I like to say.

I tossed together a beautiful filling salad and added some tuna. Nana made my favorite dressing with olive oil and a bit of fresh lemon; it goes great with the crunchy greens and tuna. Paired with some lovely cherries, I had a yummy healthful meal but the cookie smell lingered. We happened to be babysitting, so I was diverted from the kitchen to take the baby for a walk. It was a little brisk outside and the sun was just setting, so it was a pleasant walk. I get home to see the cookies remain; I think they must be taunting me

Or perhaps my skinny mini sister that I adore does not realize just how much it sucks to cut back on the things you love to eat. If it was up to me, there would be no cookies in the house, but again that is not realism. So I have one cookie, brush the guilt aside since this lifestyle of living healthfully should be constant and not some fad or passing trend. Thinking of the end goal, I know that cookies in the kitchen will often happen, and other assortments and combinations of foods I should not have too, but life goes on... We all do.