Eat and Be Merry

"Eating, loving, singing and digesting are, in truth, the four acts of the comic opera known as life, and they pass like bubbles of a bottle of champagne.  Whoever lets them break without having enjoyed them is a complete fool." -Gioacchino Rossini

Truth! How complicated we make everything. Eat, love, sing, and repeat. Pretty much sums up a few of my favorite things.

Maybe it is my own doing, but I feel this consistent pressure. I cannot really identify it other than a lingering feeling that I may be missing out if I don't achieve something worthwhile, and make a hefty living. Granted, I expect a lot of myself; many of us do. I would argue though that two additional things contribute to this urgency to be a "success". First off, the education system, focuses on sweeping successes rather than small gains. This generation expects immediate gratification for every effort. Our forefathers dedicated decades to an ideal or craft, and may have not ever done more than just survive day to day. And even that, was good enough.

Secondly, social media is readily accessible, in our faces even. We are reminded of others' every activity, thought, success, and happiness. A rat race to get more, be more, do more, and keep up. Funny though, I doubt people would post anything to a social media feed if it did not portray them beautifully. Accomplishments, noteworthy milestones, and super cool meals they are eating at awesome places. My mama always says rejoice in what you have. She is right. Someone else said comparison is the death of joy... and it is.

At the core, though, if we really drill down, there are very few activities vital to our contentment, and I for one want to ride on the Gioacchino's train and never get off. If can I put in an honest day's work, pick up some fine ingredients, and enjoy a meal with people I love, then that was a successful day. Note to self: Eat and Be Merry. Strive to reach your potential but have faith in the process and give thanks for the small miracles we all too often overlook. Nourishment is a gift to be appreciated.