Scenes from Sunday

Sun·day  ˈsəndā,-dē/

noun  1. the day of the week before Monday and following Saturday, observed by Christians as a day of rest and religious worship and (together with Saturday) forming part of the weekend.

Sunday: a day to rest, reflect, and  indulge. All without the guilt one might feel on say a Wednesday or the pressure to be out and about, characteristic of a Saturday. Sundays are like little slivers of heaven, where you can do what brings you to a calm, happy place. That comfort zone is entirely subjective and varies from person to person, but there look to be some consistent trends during the autumn months. Apple picking, prayer sharing, family meals, football watching, and afternoon naps. 

There is something scandalous about sleeping late. I feel like valuable daylight is wasted when lingering under the covers too long. But on Sunday, it is pardoned. Stomach grumblings eventually ensue. The coffee pot is on, and the pancakes are mixed. Chocolate chips and shredded coconut are added for a twist. A dollop of whipped cream delivers the knockout. The dishes even get done on the spot- a rarity.

Comfortable clothes worn to account for the crisp breeze. Windows open, sun shining through. Chit chat and jokes exchanged in the truck en route to DePiero's, a gem of a farm not too far from home.

At home, two things are on: football and a mammoth pot of sauce. Yells echo from the living room and it's obvious Daddy's not pleased with the Giants. He thinks they may go 8-0. Hopefully, not. At commercial breaks, the sauce is stirred and the aroma fills our home. Hot peppers are sautéed too; as I write my nasal passages have been cleared and my eyes are running. Pasta is served and too much is eaten. Soon after, everyone slips into a brief (or not so brief) nap. It's Sunday, remember, so this indulgence is encouraged.

For dessert, there are donuts and coffee. We break into more chatter, in between big bites of fluffy sugared goodness. More football and snoring...

Nothing extravagant happens, but the time together is special enough. It's the little things that matter,  the scenes from Sunday.