Less is more

I know what you must be thinking. She is talking about decorating or makeup. Maybe accessorizing. What can this girl possibly know about those topics? She only ever talks about eating, or spending time with others while eating... While I love (trying) to decorate and I do wear makeup, I am going to opt out of adding to the ongoing dialogue around these hot topics. Let's leave it to the professionals.

In this case, "less" is made up of the simple and ordinary joys that drive a considerable part of contentment. Nearly every week, I will share five simple pleasures in an effort to live gratefully in the moment. While our culture may emphasize the need to have more, be more and accomplish more, there should also be a faction of us that mocks this unending pursuit by remembering that less is more.

Riding a Razor scooter

Easter's warm weather afforded the younger generation in my family the opportunity to play outside together. We range from 8 years old up to 27, but playtime is our equalizer.  I raced my twin cousins on their Razor scooters and despite my longer, stronger legs came in last place. Gosh it was fun though, and I felt a youthful calm that afternoon. We feasted on my Aunt Cathy's Easter cookies and cupcakes by the twins' mother Angela after our field day outside. For a moment, I was eight years old and carefree again.


This summer Angela is opening a 2Sweet retail location and you too can feast on her confections. More details to come. 

Singing alone in the car with the windows down

When behind the wheel, I slip into the belief that I will not see anyone I know on the open road. Reckless abandon outweighs my otherwise typical prudent behavior and  I sing loudly to my heart's content, with the windows down. The wind and strangers rushing by me, I strive to remain in tune in the event someone might venture close enough to hear me.

Cooking hot dogs on an open fire

My grandparents gave us their chiminea to keep on our patio as we spend most warm evenings cooking and eating outside together. We grabbed some Sabrett hotdogs and metal skewers and roasted our dinner over the open fire. No utensils required and easy clean up. Tasty too!

Homemade Icing

My sister loves chocolate cake with cream cheese icing. I am a carrot cake lover, which also pairs beautifully with cream cheese icing. While Betty and Duncan are consistent crowd pleasers, there is something extra rewarding about whipping the icing from scratch.

Fuzzy socks on freshly creamed feet

I worked as a high school student in a small boutique called Jake's Montclair. It was a genuine neighborhood shoppe selling Life is Good apparel and merchandise. It has since closed but thankfully I acquired numerous pairs of  these socks. All different colors and patterns, I adorn them after a long bath. Feet deserve respite as well; they take us where we are going.